The 5th Grade Trip

This would have been the 15th annual trip and rite of passage to be together one final time just us before we venture into the youth group. It’s usually not an event missed by many.  However, 2020 had different plans and our trip turned into a day outside in the heat with a much smaller number than usual.

The day started with wonder of which of our church friends would be coming.  The anticipation was exciting as most of us had yet to see each other in-person in over four months.  What could have been another time cancelled, God used instead to draw us back together and remind us of his love..

We gathered because…

We wanted to see our friends, give our time, and serve others.

We connected with others by….

Talking with friends, writing cards to people, having fun swimming, and praying together.

We witnessed God in …

How our children’s ministers shared God’s truth and encouraged us, seeing our friend Maddie well after an accident, hearing the good update about Mr. Dan, and seeing the smiles when we visited people.

Our day eventually came to a close as did our time in children’s ministry.  We were each given a devotional book and encouraged to deepen our personal faith in God as we move to the youth group.  We walked away grateful for our years in children’s ministry.  All the teachers and volunteers have loved us, mentored us, and taught us a lot about God and the Bible.  They have also made it a lot of fun to praise God and serve others.

Thank you to our church family for helping us spiritually grow as we have physically grown from babies to preteens!

Contributors:  Wyatt Beasley, Hannah Johnston, Scout Jolley, and Rory Oleksik

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