september 20, 2019


Sept. 28: National Good Neighbor Day: Do something nice for your neighbor!  #neighborsmatter

Sept. 29:  Beginning Sunday, a uniformed police officer and patrol car will be on campus during all Sunday morning activities. We are excited that, due to a recent change in our insurance policy, we are permitted to have an officer on campus. The officer will partner with our current safety team by providing a visual deterrent against physical threats and may help coordinate post-worship traffic flow.

Oct. 9:  Refresh | Refocus | Regroup: There will not be any Wednesday activities at the building, to give our volunteers and families time to refresh, refocus, and regroup. Whether in your home or your neighborhood, we encourage you to use this time to focus on putting God in the middle of your community.

Oct. 19: Ladies Day: Join us 9:00-2:00 as we take a day to disconnect from our hectic schedules and discover God's word together. Through prayer, discussion, reflection, and fellowship, we will find new and better ways to connect to God and each other through His word. Whether you have been a follower of Jesus for thirty minutes or thirty years, this day will serve as a great launching point to help you take your next step in becoming more like Him.

Oct. 27: Friends and Family Day: Invite a family or friend to come to church and meet your church family! We'll be sharing a potluck meal and more activities that evening. More details to come!

Get Connected.  Taking your next step to become more like Jesus is best done with others who are on the same journey. If you don't have a dedicated group of people to walk alongside you, stop by Next Steps and we will help you find a small group.

We express our sympathy to Katie Gaither and family on the passing of her grandmother, Avis Burright, on Sept. 17 in Conroe, Texas.

Oct. 1: Tuesday Ladies Group invites anyone to join them for lunch at Big Table Restaurant. To ride the bus, meet at Clear Creek at 11:00 am. Contact Carol Golden (423-899-7333) if you plan to go and or if you plan to ride the bus.  

Pray for the one person or one family you would like to get connected to God. Find opportunities to invite your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to a safe environment in our building or to an outside activity. Introduce them to our church family and lead them to the life-changing relationship we have in Jesus. If you'd like to know more, contact the church office.
Now through Oct. 20: The Gospel of Mark Part 3: Join us on this journey. We are asking that each of you find a small group community to study with and come alongside our church family as we use Discovery Bible Study to learn what Mark’s gospel is saying about God, people, how we can apply it to our lives, and who we can share Jesus with. Books are available at the Next Steps desk in the lobby.

Sept. 22: Jesus' One Thing: Success coaches say that the most successful people and businesses know their "one thing". It is the one thing that directs everything they do-how they spend their hours, opportunities and dollars. So, do you know your one thing? And, is it worthy of your one life? Join us Sunday to find out from Mark 12:28-44.
Tom Holloway, father of Jana Cannon, is in the hospital with congestive heart failure and pneumonia. He is showing some improvement and they request prayers.

Bonnie Shipley, mother of Janet Yates, is at Northpark hospital, room 221, and will be moved to Soddy Daisy Healthcare for rehab on Friday.

Shirley Heiser, aunt of Wendy Henderson, had surgery for colon cancer and is still recovering with some improvement and requests prayers.

Marilyn Muncy McCuiston, cousin of Connie Moyer, her cancer has returned and is in her brain and possibly in her bones.
George Murray, brother-in-law of Jeff Eblen, continues treatment for cancer.

Wayne Hendrix is at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital, Room 113, for physical therapy. Therapy is going well and he is showing improvement. Visitors are welcome. (Care Group 2)

Grant Majors, son of Eric and Becki Majors, has finished chemo and is fighting an infection for which they are running tests.  Cards can be sent to:  Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, John Grant Majors, Room 6743, 2200 Children’s Way, Nashville, TN 37232. Updates can be found at CaringBridge.org; search for Grant Majors.  

Missy Howard, sister-in-law of David Howard, continues to fight against cancer. Her address is 5201 Farm 2853, Palacios, TX 77465.

Jaunita Alice Malone, mother of Joy Greathouse, is home and having therapy.

Donna Howard, niece of David Howard, continues to fight cancer. Her address is 1006 Egret Court, Springhill, TN 37174.  

Glenna Johnson is having chemo and requests prayers. (Care Group 4)

Amber Aubrey has finished her treatment for cancer and is awaiting surgery. Her address is 7623 Leather Market St., Houston, TX 77064.  

Betty Berry is at Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center, room 708A, 331 Hinch Street, Spring City, TN 37381.

Elaine Stroud Edmonds is at The Rosewood of Ft. Oglethorpe (room 8), 14 Fort Town Dr., Ft. Oglethorpe, GA 30742.

Darryl Hubbard is at Life Care Center of Hixson having tests run and requests prayers. Visitors are welcome, room 203.

Martha Brightwell is at Martin-Boyd Christian Home, room E-108.

Katy Van Eaton is at Martin-Boyd Christian Home, room W-113.
Haiti Missions:
Service Opportunities for Groups: Connect with our community face to face by service to others. Many opportunities are available. 

If you are not part of a small group and would like information, Small Group brochures are at the info desk in the lobby or gym, or check online at www.clearcreekcoc.org/smallgroups.
Now available: 2019-2020 Children's Schedule
NURSERY SCHEDULE: September 22, 2019
Infants:  P. Smith, J. Gray, B. Mayfield
Toddlers:  G. Hardison and girls
Two Year:  S. Campbell, S. Spann
Wee Worship:  Team 4

Now available: 2019-2020 Youth Schedule 
UCM: University Christian Mission & Young Adults
University Christian Mission: For more info email universitychristianmission@gmail.com.
Monday Ladies Group: Meets in the cafe at 10:00 am with the study Psalm 23 by Jennifer Rothschild.

Tuesday Ladies Group: Meets in the cafe at 10:00 am with a study on the harmony of the gospels.

Wednesday Ladies Group: Meet in room A5/A7 for the Mark study or for the Bible study OWNit365, at 6:30 pm.

CRITI:   9/24: M. Davis, 10/1: S. Hendrix, 10/15: K. Holt/B. Beasley

Erlanger North ER  and Northpark ICU snack  baskets:   9/22: C. Jenkins, 10/6: L. Smith, 10/13: D. Caudle
Wednesday Men's Group Mark in room A3 at 6:30pm.

Friday Morning Small Group:  Devo and breakfast at 6:30-7:30am in the conference room.
20  Amy Jolley
21   Adam Gray, DeAnn Tomshack, Abby Smith, Delores Ridge, Caylee Schannuth
22  Lisa Longacre, Maddie Humble, James Ballou  
23  Phillip Lynn, Caroline Ring, Tracey Underwood, Pam Joyner, Bill Childs, Bill Greer, Tony Garibaldi
24  Steve Campbell, Rebekah Van Eaton, Wendy Henderson, Bobby Bullington, Layla Smith, Leonard Frey
25  Helen Cothron, Galen Smith
26  Roy Ramsey, Sharon Ramsey, Anna Waldrep, Judy Harris, Kathy Burns
27  Amanda Chambers, AnCharlene Davis, Berek Whiteaker
28  David Van Eaton, Reagan Bullington, Heath Patterson, Jim Mosley
29  Nelson Burger, Christy Beach, Laura Goodrich, Jow Hennessey, Emma Rios, Ginny Hardison
30  Jay Walling
Building Reservations and/or Scheduling:  Contact the office for all use of the Clear Creek building and/or grounds. With the large number of planned ministry events, Small Group meetings, member parties, community outreach opportunities, etc., all planning and scheduling needs to be coordinated through the church office at 423-877-6232 or office@clearcreekcoc.org.
Lost and Found:  Bibles, jackets, insulated cups, etc., if not where they were left, may be at the info desk but are periodically donated if unclaimed.  Check with the church office regarding lost money or jewelry.