The Clear Creek Youth Ministry works with kids from the sixth grade through twelfth grade.  It is the goal of this youth ministry that each student feels loved and accepted no matter who they are, what they look like, or how many friends they have.

At the core of all ministry is relationships. That’s why one of the primary focuses of CCYM is building relationships with the youth that extend beyond just knowing their name and school. Jesus modeled discipleship by pouring into his apostles lives. We hope to do the same.

We desire that our youth develop hearts that hunger for the Lord, minds that seek His ways, and spirits that long to give Him glory. Sometimes glorifying God will look like a service project or worship night. At other times, it may simply be enjoying the mutual bond we share as believers in Christ through fellowship.


Sunday Groups
  • 9:30am in The Creek (HS) and/or MS Room (MS)
  • Focus is on our small groups and application
  • We typically start in a large group format, then divide into age & gender groups

Wednesday Groups
  • 6:30pm in The Creek
  • Focus is on the large group dynamic, with emphasis on worship and teaching
  • MS & HS combine in one gathering

Schedules & Forms

All Youth
  • No activities at the building until further notice
  • June 21-25:  IMPACT online: Combined

Middle School 
  • July 12-17: Middle School Mission Trip
  • July 29-Aug. 1: Summer Camp
  • Sept. 18-20: Fall Retreat

High School 



Mitchell Halstead

Middle School Minister

Michael Chambers

High School Minister