"We proclaim how great you are and tell of the wonderful things you have done."
Psalm 75:1 


A family in our community has gone through a difficult year and God has been able to bless them through Clear Creek. Doctors diagnosed the husband with cancer and only gave him 6 months to live - 12 months ago. During that time, we have been able to help the family financiancially, with prayers and with other support. After we delivered a Thanksgiving box to the family, they wrote back to say "You all are now family as far as we're concerned... You all are a blessing and a beautiful reminder of how wonderful Christ and his congregation are."
Today I got the privilege of being able to take my friend a food box. She lives in Cry for the Broken's mission area and she is known for caring for the ladies we serve. Last year when we lost one of our girls to gun related homicide, my friend set up a memorial for her across the street from her house where it happened. She still tends it today.

I spoke with Phil Cannon today and he had some extra things to send since he knew that my friend takes care of the neighborhood. God must have told him how much it was needed. I just received a call from my friend and she wanted to thank the church again for their generosity. She said she divided the food between five families today and none of them expected it. One woman was so grateful she cried.

I wanted to share this with you all because, while I practice gratitude, there is no way I practice it as purely as these people were thankful today. I am grateful that I am able to help by delivering. If there is any other help needed please call me. I am here to serve and I thank God for that.
Words can’t begin to express my appreciation, thanks, and for the comfort from the hundreds of cards, phone calls and notes received since Mackie and I moved to Morning Pointe in Oct. of 2018 and Mackie's death on August 29 of this year. Our worship and service at the Hixson Church began in 1969 when moving across town from East Ridge. Mackie served most of her time as a Bible school teacher and I served as an elder for about 30 years. These wonderful years went by as a flash but left me with great memories of service and raising our two children Ted and Susan at Hixson Church. I especially want to thank the Carnes, Roarks, and Campbells for the encouragement and support they provide.

I look forward to the day when I am released from quarantine and am able to worship and visit with my Church family. Love to all, Buddy Parks
Please watch the video below to see the wonderful work God is doing through Cry For The Broken and their partners. The link helps explain how the new Drop-In Center is important in our community to help show people Jesus.
Martin and I would like to express our appreciation for Clear Creek’s generous donation to Project Thank You 2020 to benefit the officers of the Chattanooga Police Department. This has been a difficult year for police officers everywhere, and while we strongly condemn the abusive actions of bad cops, we just as strongly support the vast majority of officers who serve and protect with integrity and bravery. The CPD officers were very appreciative of Project Thank You this year, and I believe it helped raise their morale a bit to see the support from the community. This was by far our biggest year for contributions, and I thank you for your part in making it a success. 
A good friend of mine that lives in Florida had just been diagnosed with a rare cancer disease that has no cure with limited life expectancy. This overwhelmed him and his family. I decided to set up a zoom conference with his friends throughout the country to encourage and pray over him. He sent an email the next morning thanking us for a wonderful evening. Stated “it was the first night he had slept peacefully in a long time. I felt your prayers throughout the night”  Gary
UCM & Ben -
Four days before school even started a few of us went to middle of campus and setup a game of Spikeball. Just to see what would happen. We stood alone in the middle of a big field, played Spikeball and yelled at people who walked by (in our friendliest voices). We talked with several new students that day, but one guy named Ben spent the rest of the night with us, hanging out and having dinner.

A few days later we setup a table on a busy sidewalk. Ben showed up again and spent 30 minutes talking with us. At one point, another student was asking a UCM student leader about our group. Ben overheard the UCM student saying, "Our unique thing is we're really about living out our faith and serving God." Ben turned to me and said, "You know, it's strange. I've never thought about this until right now. Before I was born my cousin told my mother that her children would serve God."

"Wow, what do you think about that?" I asked Ben.

"I never thought it was real, but I just heard her say that about serving God. It makes me think maybe there's something to it," Ben replied.

I told Ben that God has big things in store for him this year. The student leader told Ben that God has prophesied about this moment in his life. Ben said, "Yeah, maybe!" We think God has led us to a potential person of peace.
UCM & Sai -
We actually met Sai last semester at an international student welcome dinner. Because of Covid, we weren't able to spend much time with him in the spring or summer. We've only seen him twice so far this semester, but he can't stop talking about God working in his life!

Sai came to our Launch meeting at our house last week and kept talking about God answering prayers. He's been talking to his mother, who's back in India, about things going on in his life and things he hoped to see. He said that over the summer God answered almost all of his prayer.

Then just yesterday I was giving Sai a ride in my car. He talked about how UCM is his family. He said, "I have lots of classes and work Tuesday and Thursday. But Monday, Wednesday and Friday I belong to UCM. Whatever you are doing, I will do it, too!"

We talked about how interesting it is that we didn't even know him several months ago and now we're good friends. Sai said, "It's only God. Why do I know you? It has to be God. How did I meet you and become friends? Can only be God."

We're excited to know Sai, too. And we know God has big plans for his life.
UCM & Ryanna -
A few days ago a couple of student leaders were in a downtown coffee shop. They were talking about UCM, how great the community is, and how God has been working. After several minutes a stranger came up and said, "I've been eavesdropping on your conversation. I'm new around here and I need community. It sounds like you've got a great community. Can I be part of it?"

Our student leaders said, "Of course!" and talked with Ryanna for several minutes. Later that night, Ryanna showed up to UCM's first small group meeting of the semester and loved it.
Every year, Bust the Bus touches six to eight teachers at the community schools we share with, which in turn blesses 100s of students. Every item shared represents Clear Creeks generosity and it is recognized in our community as a gift from God through this church family.

  • Crystal Birch at Hixson Middle School had a teacher friend with her when we delivered her supplies.  At Hixson Middle School, the teachers excitedly met Phil at the door knowing that these much needed supplies were being delivered.  This gave Crystal the opportunity to share these blessings given by her church and she was able to talk about her church family.
  • This year certain items Katie Gaither at Loftis Middle called “coveted” items such as wipes, hand cleaner, disinfectant, paper towels. She was very thankful for these blessings.
  • Tracie Crews at McConnell Elementary was given supplies and the other teachers always look forward to the supplies she shares with them. This opens the door for her to talk to them about Clear Creek.
  • Julie Neill is teaching at Daisy Elementary. Her administrators were overwhelmed with the amount of supplies given. This is her first year at this school and gives her the opportunity to talk about her church.

Every year there are students needing a binder, pencils, markers, etc. Every year copy paper is a much needed supply.  We had all these items to bless these teachers and students with through Bust the Bus and your generosity. With each item given to a student or teacher, doors are open to talk about Jesus and share the opportunity to have a live changing relationship with Him.
There have been some positives that have come out of this overall negative situation we are all currently in the middle of. The girls and I have been walking in our neighborhood on a more regular basis in the mornings and evenings. We have met and talked to many of our neighbors spread farther throughout the neighborhood. We now call each other by name, have more in depth conversations and are discovering common ground.

One of these neighbors we learned had cancer but is now finished with her treatment. Her daughter lives in Alaska, just like my brother's family. Another neighbor had caught some petty theft on her home camera and made us aware of it. The man next door, his mom had a stroke and we have been praying for her. A husband and wife up the street we learned has a church background but hasn't gone to church or been plugged in anywhere in years. We discovered with them that we have a mutual friend who has also invited her to Clear Creek.

The Lord is working in each of these situations, and through the BlessEveryHome website we learned about during the Awaken time (just before this pandemic), we are building much deeper relationships with our neighbors! - Shelly Hendrix


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