"We proclaim how great you are and tell of the wonderful things you have done."
Psalm 75:1 

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Praise Stories

My friend is a Jamaican lady who lives in a hotel off Lee Highway. She leaves the hotel at 5:00am to ride the bus to Hixson, then walk from Home Depot to Valleybrook to her job every day. It takes 1 ½ hours to walk 2 times a day. I gave her rides many days. We got her a Publix gift card to help her with groceries. She can only carry a little at a time. Most all of her paycheck goes to her $300 week rent at the hotel. My friend has blessed our family by her devotion and motivation to work every day! We wanted to bless her with the $100 which will provide food for her over the holidays.
I have known Beth for over 15 years and have heard her financial struggles and spiritual struggles over the years. I, along with several in our church family, have supported her in business and offered words of encouragement and invited her to worship. This year has been especially tough because she was forced to be closed for several weeks and is only operating on a limited basis even now. I wanted to help her at Thanksgiving with a food box which she gratefully accepted and 2 weeks later, I took her a $150 gift card and told her that it was directly from God. With tears in her eyes, she acknowledged that it was and that He will see her through the hard times. We prayed together and I invited her to church again.
I was talking to a co-worker about her holiday and... some way came around to her neighbors. The father and mother do not speak English, but the children do. So my co-workers says the dad has been laid off three times now, from three different Covid affected businesses. (The mother) confessed that she was in a struggle to keep her power on. With more prodding she told me it would be the third time this year that the power would be disconnected.
To show our appreciation to the frontline workers at Memorial Hixson, Clear Creek was able to bless three divisions of nurses with gift cards to show our thanks and our support as they serve our community during this pandemic.
As teachers prepared for the Christmas/winter break, Clear Creek was happy to share gift cards of thanks to the teachers at schools in close proximity to the Clear Creek Church with a wish that they have a safe and restful Christmas season.
God is moving among college students and raising up more disciples on campus. Read stories about new believers, disciple makers, multiplying small groups and more in UCM's Fall 2020 Highlights.
A call was made to Gale Bolton, the Volunteer Coordinator at Bethel, to discuss Halloween Treat Bags. With Clear Creek’s outreach mission assistance, there were 40 bags filled, enough to share with students, teachers and staff. Also, Chick-Fil-A lunch for students and teachers!  The students and Gale all sent notes thanking Clear Creek Church for their generosity.
A family in our community has gone through a difficult year and God has been able to bless them through Clear Creek. Doctors diagnosed the husband with cancer and only gave him 6 months to live - 12 months ago. During that time, we have been able to help the family financiancially, with prayers and with other support. After we delivered a Thanksgiving box to the family, they wrote back to say "You all are now family as far as we're concerned... You all are a blessing and a beautiful reminder of how wonderful Christ and his congregation are."
Today I got the privilege of being able to take my friend a food box. She lives in Cry for the Broken's mission area and she is known for caring for the ladies we serve. Last year when we lost one of our girls to gun related homicide, my friend set up a memorial for her across the street from her house where it happened. She still tends it today.

I spoke with Phil Cannon today and he had some extra things to send since he knew that my friend takes care of the neighborhood. God must have told him how much it was needed. I just received a call from my friend and she wanted to thank the church again for their generosity. She said she divided the food between five families today and none of them expected it. One woman was so grateful she cried.

I wanted to share this with you all because, while I practice gratitude, there is no way I practice it as purely as these people were thankful today. I am grateful that I am able to help by delivering. If there is any other help needed please call me. I am here to serve and I thank God for that.

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