Abundantly Blessed

“The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.” Proverbs 11:25

I have a family member who used to attend Clear Creek. For whatever reason or life circumstances, she stopped attending several years ago. She is de-churched as we sometimes call it. I see her at family gatherings and wonder where her heart is with Jesus. I have seen her posts on Facebook seem angry and dismissive of the gospel. When tough times arise, I’ve tried to reach out and be supportive, but you can tell she keeps a distance not wanting anyone to remind her that ‘God’s got this’.

When our church provided a gift card to our small group to bless whoever we felt God laying on our heart, she was heavy on mine. In this current season of life, she has been in a tough living situation and a custody battle, amidst other personal struggles. She opened up to me about how much the custody battle was costing her, but she knew it was worth it. She knew it had to be fought for the betterment of her son’s life.

When I approached our group about giving her the gift card, many came forward saying that they had special memories with her, knew her, and of course wanted to bless her. I sent it with a card in the mail (who doesn’t love surprise fun mail?!) and a few days later received a text message and a card soon after that read, “Thank you so much. You have no idea how touched I am by such an amazing gesture, and to have people (some of whom I don’t even know) reach out to help and encourage me at this time in my life. This year has been a really tough year, financially, emotionally and really in every regard — and this act of kindness is truly humbling and so special. I can’t thank each of you enough. You’ve been a blessing from afar in the most difficult time. 

Our whole group rejoiced knowing that it touched her heart and shared the love of Jesus with her.

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