Take Your NExt Steps

Life with Jesus is a journey of next steps.

We challenge you to intentionally take your next step as a disciple of Jesus. Learn about the Discipleship Path, Where to Start and your Next Steps.

The Discipleship Path


People exploring Christianity. Currently disconnected from God and haven't begun a personal relationship with Jesus.


Where the real journey begins with a new relationship with Jesus. Best described as an infant follower of Christ.


Moving into a "God and others first" outlook. Beginning to make significant contributions to God's Kingdom and living for God's purposes.


Experiencing the joy of Christ by defining everything in their life and purpose in Christ. Reproducing their faith and life in others.

Where to Start

Guides you to discover your purpose and live the life God created for you. 
Sign-up to be baptized.

Take Your Next Steps

Come worship God together with us at Clear Creek or online.
Find information about Clear Creek's groups here.
Find ways to engage in ministry inside our church family.
Give monetarily to aid your fellow man and help further the Kingdom of God.
Take the initiative to personally share the Good News of Jesus and His love.
Find resources to help your personal Bible study and prayer life.