Nov. 7:  The Large S.G. will resume meeting in the cafe at 4:00pm.

Nov. 8 & 15:  How To Study The Bible Discipleship Training Seminar: (6:30-8:00pm) Discover the joy of being able to navigate the Bible by yourself. In this two-week discipleship workshop, you will get an overview of the Bible, tools and tips to get the most out of any passage, and the confidence to dive into God’s Word for yourself.  For ages 14-years-old and Up. The seminar is free, but registration is required. Childcare available to registrants.

Sunday Adult Engagement Experiences at 9:30am such as service teams, Kickstarter small groups for anyone ready to step into group life, and Growth Track - the best way to join the mission at Clear Creek. Visit Clearcreekcoc.org/Sunday-Engagement for more information.

Celebration Stories: To read about celebration stories shared by our church family and the latest issue of the Celebration Magazine, go to clearcreekcoc.org/celebration.

For current calendars, please click links for Children, Youth, and Upcoming Activities.

Get Connected. Taking your next step to become more like Jesus is best done with others who are on the same journey. If you don't have a dedicated group of people to walk alongside with you, we will help you find a group

Congratulations to Ashleigh and Luke Drake on the birth of their son, Jude Lucas, Oct. 25!

Our Mission is to reach the next person for Jesus.  Pray for the one person or one family you would like to get connected to God. 

Oct. 31: JUST LIKE BARNABAS: EVERYBODY & ANYBODY PT. 4: FULL.  As we trace Barnabas’ influence through the first century, one thing is clear: he filled others up wherever he went. How did Barnabas continue to encourage others? Answer: he was continually filled with it himself.
In-Person (9:30 and 11:00am) or Livestream at YouTube.com/Clearcreekcoc or clearcreek.online.church.

The Haiti Medical team has returned safely! We are so thankful for the team and pray for the Haitians that they were able to bless as they served as the hands and feet of Jesus.  

Donna Commers  has completed her last chemo treatment for Atypical Aggressive CCL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia).  Please pray for good results for the upcoming November pet scan and for no lingering detrimental effects from the harsh regimen used.

Erica Long, family of David Howard, is now home on oxygen after a hospital stay and rehab for Covid.  Her address is 7518 Florence Dr., Hixson, TN 37343.

Katy Van Eaton has returned to Martin-Boyd, Room W113. 

Robert Hampton, father of Jennifer Sides, was in a car accident Sept. 5 and multiple injuries to both feet/legs requiring reconstruction.  He is now home with outpatient rehab.  He still has a long recovery, prayers appreciated.

Robert Lloyd had back surgery Aug. 18 and Aug. 26, then again on Sept. 17, he is now home from Siskin with home health.  Please pray as he recovers.

Joy Greathouse learned recently from Vanderbilt that she is in remission!  She is still in a lot of pain and goes to Vanderbilt every other Wednesday; she will know more middle of November.  

Deborah Smelley had her second shoulder surgery and is home doing well. 

Roxanne Evans, mother of Jennifer Spry, has glioblastoma.  She finished radiation/chemo and will have a MRI in October.  Pray for healing!  

Vickie Burger is continuing oral chemo treatments at home and she continues to do well.  Her next check up in Nov. 2.

Be praying about upcoming opportunities in 2021. If you need further information contact the church office.

October Haiti Medical Trip: Click to read their Daily Reports 

July Haiti Youth Team:  Click to read their Daily Reports.

A missional community is being formed to disciple a refugee family arriving soon in Chattanooga.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact the church office.

Service Opportunities for Groups: Connect with our community face to face by service to others. Many opportunities are available.

If you are not part of a group and would like information, go to clearcreekcoc.org/small-groups.

For details and other children's dates, go to: clearcreekcoc.org/children

For details and other youth dates, go to: clearcreekcoc.org/youth.

Small "Roots Groups" are meeting all during the week for community and discipleship.

For more information visit www.uc-mission.com or email universitychristianmission@gmail.com.
For current events and news follow UCM on Instagram @UCMission.

Monday Ladies Group:  meets at 10:00am in the café.  Class Study:  Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break by Kelly Minter.  All are welcome!

Tuesday Ladies Group: Will resume in the cafe on Nov. 2 at 11:00am.  All ladies are invited.  Class study: Harmony of the Gospels

CRITI:   11/02:  Holt/Beasley, 11/16:  Hendrix/Previl, 11/23:  Dunn/Smith

Friday Morning Group meets at 6:30am in the conference room.

21  John Albright, Colt Isenberg, Stephen Isenberg, David Long, Scott Stevens
22  Mason D'Amico, Rosie Mitchell, Jesse Pickett, Terry Rice
23  Rachel Aldridge, Wendy Haustein
24  Ellie Jones, Tommy Marlin
25  Charlotte Reynolds
26  Callie Scharff, Stacey Spann, Noah Steele
27  Libby King, Blake McNair, Ben Vance
28  Kris Marlowe
30  Catrina Cabe, Caroline Clark, Albert Coley, Mike Kirk, Pam Smith
31  Leah Johnston, Thomas Neill